• Pop-up shop at the Wynwood Maket in Miami

    I am officially stationed at The Wynwood Market in Miami. Please check out the Wynwood Market place website to find out more details about this incredible market place. During major events, I will participate as a vendor as well as for Art Walks. Wynwood is a must see gentrified city in Miami. It Is home to some of the most incredible art in the United States as it stages one of the largest open-air street art installations in the world. Most of the art is graffiti-like which gives it a hipster-like - Brooklyn, NYC feel. There are hundreds of vendors who participate,...

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  • Inside Soho Popup Shop

    Two weekends ago, from Dec 1-3rd I had an amazing time showcasing my favorite pieces at my popup shop at Broadway Market in Soho. Soho as described by the Soho Design District (SDD’s) is a premier destination for world renowned design and global center for creativity.  I couldn't agree anymore with SDD's statement about Soho.  While participating as a vendor in Soho, I fell in love with the diverse creativity around me that came from the variety of designers and artists, as well as from the tourist and locals strolling through the neighborhood who seemed to have been participating in the theme themselves; the...

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  • Refer Three Friends!

    Refer Three Friends promotion valid through December 31, 2017

    • Refer three friends and obtain any item of your choice, on me!
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  • Louis Vuitton Exhibition

    This past weekend, I got the chance to visit the Louis Vuitton "VOLEZ, VOGUEZ, VOYAGEZ" exhibition at the former American Stock Exchange building. I highly recommend making the trip and taking a closer look at Louis Vuitton through time. One of my favorites exhibits was the Marc Jacobs/Stephen Sprouse collaboration. I have always found this collection rebellions, fun, chic and edgy which reminds me a lot of the collection under "City Chic" on Below I am wearing the, Luisa Button  ring (name, inspired by the exhibition of course ;)) while holding the Louis Vuitton complimentary brooch, received at exit.  You can find this sterling...

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  • GW3J - Sticking with it!

    Over the past four years, my online shop has evolved tremendously and has experienced multiple name changes. 
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  • Impulsive Intuition

    The fun thing about being a buyer is being able to shop on impulsive intuition. Many of the items on our website are items that we have chosen on impulse intuition; which is never a bad thing! They do say that your initial intuition is what matters most, as there can be underlying causes for your impulsive decision! So with that said, we encourage everyone to shop on intuition, as some of the most precious pieces are at times chosen by our impulsive intuition!        Xx Kesley and Stacie

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