• GW3J - Sticking with it!

    Over the past four years, my online shop has evolved tremendously and has experienced multiple name changes.

    Earlier this week, on 10/23  I reached the maximum amount of domains allowed on a given page hosted by Shopify. I think  this might have been a sign. I had changed my domain name once again, after my current roommate - who’s extremely talented - helped me identify a name that will stick! (Specially since I am not able to add additional domains for at least a year). Below is what I will be sticking with for the next year:
    Brand Logo: GW3J 
    Instagram: @GirlWithThreeJobs 
    PopUp links:
    I still own all of my previous domains, therefore the website can be accessed using any of my previous domains:, YelsekPopUpShop,, &
    I apologize about confusing anyone whos’s followed me over the past years and thank you for sticking around! I am excited for what’s to come! 
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