Meet the Team!

It is such a pleasure to partner with The Shops at Mary Brickell Village in Miami as a pop up shop permanent store. I am so excited to continue expanding the brand with a great team. What makes this team so special is that everyone has more than one job/hobby just like the Girlwith3jobs and KesleyBoutique brand! This team could not represent the brand any better!  Meet the team below:


"My name is Jonathan. I’m from Puerto Rico and have been in Miami for three years. I have ten years of retail experience and am super passionate about fashion and styling! I own my own boutique, Lola Lo Lamento, for womens clothing. I’m so excited to be working with Kesley Boutique because I love the products and believe so much in the mission of this company. I know you’re all going to love it too!"


"Hello! My name is Karina, Floridian gal with big dreams- but don’t we all! I’m an aspiring actress & self proclaimed poet. Lover of all things vintage, occasional jewelry junkie & student of life. I’d say my most favorite possessions go by the name of Memphis & Freud the smartest felines you’ll ever know (said every cat mom ever) & when I’m not around the cool cats I love exploring photography/videography & it’s wonders- anything infused with creativity Is a calling."



Andrew is our creative TikToter and Social Media Influencer. Andrew is currently pursuing his nursing degree while growing his social media presence due to his free spirit and expressive nature. Andrew shows us that there aren't any limits to being yourself and that jewelry has no gender; chokers for men are trendy and tasteful and one can't ever wear too many rings or have too much jewelry! Andrew represents the brand as a free spirit with a professional goal - who shows us we can still have fun, be silly and fashionable while pursuing our career. 


Visit us at the Shops in Mary Brickell Village in Miami, FL.