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    Pisces: The dreamer and healer of the horoscope family, Pisces energy awakens compassion, imagination and artistry, uniting us as one.

    Symbol: The Fish
    Element: Water 
    Quality: Mutable 
    Ruling Planet: Neptune — the planet of fantasy
    Body Part: Feet
    Good Day: Romantic, helpful, wise, comforting, imaginative
    Bad Day: Gullible, self-pitying, out of touch with reality, self-destructive, clingy
    Favorite Things: Dancing, romantic encounters, laughing and crying, walks on the beach, long poetic letters
    What You Hate: Reality, throwing away the Christmas tree, drill sergeants, daylight, bad design and noisy music
    Secret Wish: To find unconditional love
    How to Spot Them: Large and dreamy eyes, soothing voice, glamorous “silver screen” look
    Where You’ll Find Them: Printing photos in the darkroom, people watching in the shadows of an underground club, holding hands under the table at a romantic restaurant with a sunset view
    Keywords: Dreams, Fantasy, Healing, Compassion, Karma, Mystery

    Source: http://astrostyle.com/zodiac-signs/ 

  • Pisces
  • Pisces

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